My name is Andrew. I am a thirty seven year old, married, white dude, living around Washington DC. Initially I came from an upper-middle class background but have committed a bit of class suicide. I am an activist, learner-teacher, writer, radical leftist, and mystic. I have created this website as part of a counter-narrative to what we are commonly taught (such as the supremacy of modern, Euro-centric society).  I write to promote ideas which I believe are loving, humanizing, and community-building.

I try to be guided by a belief in human goodness, an appreciation for existence, and an ongoing commitment to create fulfilling communities with others. I am delighted by people–our hopes, experiences, loves, and struggles. I am excited by the potential of what we can be. I know that the process of seeking human potential entails a great amount of work, education, practice, and reflection. It also entails seeking social change and social justice.

When the world is oppressive–with racism, sexism, classism, war, exploitation of people and nature–the journey for human potential is also a journey for liberation; and liberation is a learning process that entails changes in our consciousness as well as our behavior. 

I believe that positive social change is a process of learning liberation–learning to live in a world which provides us what the current world does not.  I hope you enjoy this blog. and that we can learn together.


One thought on “About

  1. Chris Crass says:

    Thanks for sharing your reflections. This is a great blog.

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