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UN Report on Climate Proves the Failure of our Political Leadership


Recently there was a UN report on climate, concluding that the world has essentially 10 years to prevent a global disaster that would occur within 20 years.  The speed and extent of economic change required to prevent catastrophe has “no documented historic precedent.” Source

Climate change is one of the big problems, like the Great Depression but probably worse (we could go extinct).

Right now, a lot of people are focused on Trump and want to get him out. Really we are facing much worse problems. Trump is a symptom, a terrible desperation that actually makes some sense in the context we live in (more on that later). So, if Trump is a symptom, what is the disease?

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Resistance post-Kavanaugh; Please Stop Thinking we live in a Democracy

The Kavanaugh confirmation was a traumatizing debacle. What’s scarier is what will come. There’s a lot of pain that I can’t fully understand, but I want to share my perspective with those who might take this as fuel for resistance.


In high school I was told, again and again, how great a country I lived in. In college, I studied greedy military interventions, watched us go into Iraq and Afghanistan, saw the Patriot Act and the increase of government monitoring in our lives, saw the increased militarization of the police which was used to target black uprisings, and learned about the class nature of politics (both parties represent the rich).

I have felt ongoing disappointment and disillusionment as my country appears to be very different from what I was told. Trump and Kavanaugh only make sense as a continuation of the ongoing descent into fascism that I have been watching for the last twenty years. Like many, resistance has felt like my moral obligation.

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